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HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. — Highland Park businesses are stepping up to help the victims of a mass shooting during an Independence Day parade Monday morning.

Various local businesses have started raising funds and taking orders for items as a show of support for the community. Some of those items include bracelets, T-shirts, and stationary. 

Some have already raised thousands of dollars. 

Beth Linderman, the owner of “Putt Art” — which is a stationary business — is selling $10 notepads that say “Highland Park Strong” along with an orange ribbon. She says the money raised will go towards the victims’ fund.

“Right now, we’re at about $5,000 in sales and I don’t want to stop because I have a lot more coming in,” Linderman said. “So, I can’t wait to give this to the victims’ fund.”

A collaboration between T-shirt shops, businesses “Dye Girl” and “Stitchd by D” have raised more than $4,000 with all proceeds going towards community resources. 

The city of Highland Park has set up a fund to help those directly impacted by the shooting.