CHICAGO — For one of the Highland Park survivors, Ashley Beasley, this will be her thirteen time to lobby for an assault weapons ban.

The ‘Save Our Students’ march is set to take place Monday in Washington D.C. with about 200 Chicago-area moms joining 1,000 participants.

The marchers plan to visit congressmen and senators to lobby for their support and Congress returns from recess.

They will begin on the National Mall Lake and make their way to the Capitol.

‘March Fourth,’ an organization founded by a Winnetka mom is leading the event.

“What we’re asking for isn’t hard and it’s not complicated. Surviving a mass shooting is hard, banning assault weapons is not hard,” Kitty Brandtner, the founder of “March Fourth” said.

Joining Brandtner in the march is Higland Park survivor, Lindsey Hartmann and her husband who threw themselves on their daughter when people next to them were shot during the parade.

Seven people were killed when a gunman opened fire with an assault weapon during the July 4th parade in Highland Park last year.

“March fourth” said there have been 155 mass shootings so far this year.

There are bills before both the Bouse and Senate would ban manufacture, sell and possession of assault weapons and high capacity magazines.