HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. — Several mothers from Highland Park are headed to Washington D.C. Tuesday to encourage lawmakers to pass a national ban on assault weapons.

Among the women will be Ashbey Beasley. She and her son, Bo, were able to escape the July Fourth parade shooting uninjured.

“Right now is a critical time because we only have two weeks before the end of the year and if we don’t pass the assault weapons ban right now in the next two weeks, we have to start all over from the beginning, from the very, very beginning,” Beasley said.

Also pushing for the Senate vote are more than 60 physicians from around the country, including pediatrician Sheena McKenzie, who treated many of the youngest Highland Park victims.

“The trauma I saw, the wounds I saw are unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” she said. “It’s a public health issue, so we’re coming at it from the standpoint that this is a public health issue and in order to prevent public health crises, we have to address the root cause, which is getting these assault weapons off of our streets.”

As for Beasley, she says her focus on getting a vote called on the floor of the Senate remains.

“The clock is ticking,” she said. “I feel it.”

The moms will attend the 10th annual Newton Action Alliance vigil for victims of gun violence on Wednesday.

Some mothers will also go to Capitol Hill to lobby for an assault weapons ban.

President Joe Biden has called for lawmakers to pass one in the lame-duck session of Congress.