High school basketball coach suspended for inappropriate behavior

CHICAGO – A South Side high school basketball coach was suspended for allegations of inappropriate behavior.

The person in question was a coach at Morgan Park High School up until last week.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) held a pre-suspension hearing after receiving a complaint and the district voted to remove him from his position.

The district said he will be suspended without pay while they investigate the claims.

They would not confirm what the specific allegations were.

A CPS spokesperson issued the following statement:

“CPS is committed to ensuring students have access to a safe learning environment, and we take seriously any allegation of inappropriate employee conduct. The employee in question was removed from his position at Morgan Park High School following the allegation.” 

One parent said she’s concerned about the situation. One parent said she addressed the allegations with the coach himself.

“My anger is with the school more so than the situation with him. He’s saying it’s not true. I can only pray to God that it’s not true. But I am still concerned and upset about the fact that they don’t feel it’s something necessary to tell me. There’s no explanation to give me as to why they have not contacted the parents and told them what’s going on,” the parent said.

The coach has not been charged.