Here’s where over 100 new officers will soon be on the streets in Chicago

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CHICAGO — This week, over new police officers are being deployed across 16 districts in Chicago as part of the Chicago Police Department’s plan to put 1,000 more cops on the streets.

The new officers recently completed training at the police academy and three months of supervised training in the field. Officials say more than 2,400 CPD members have been hired or promoted as part of the hiring plan since the beginning of 2017.

Mayor Emanuel announced the latest additions during an event with high-ranking Chicago police officers in the 17th district.

“We are ensuring they have the best tools, technology, and training they need to not only improve public safety on their beat, but be part of engaging the communities they serve,” Mayor Emanuel said in a statement.

According to a statement from CPD, the districts receiving new officers Sunday include:

  • 2nd (Wentworth): 9 new officers
  • 3rd (Grand Crossing): 9 new officers
  • 4th (South Chicago): 9 new officers
  • 9th (Deering): 1 new officers
  • 10th (Ogden): 9 new officers
  • 12th (Near West): 7 new officers
  • 14th (Shakespeare): 8 new officers
  • 15th (Austin): 10 new officers
  • 16th (Jefferson Park): 1 new officer
  • 17th (Albany Park): 5 new officers’
  • 18th (Near North): 8 new officers
  • 19th (Town Hall): 10 new officers
  • 20th (Lincoln): 1 new officer
  • 22nd (Morgan Park): 9 new officers
  • 24th (Rogers Park): 6 new officers
  • 25th (Grand Central): 8 new officers


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