CHICAGO — At least 5,100 people are dead after the collapse of two dams released a flood in Libya, and an estimated 3,000 people were killed after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Morocco.

The number of deaths in Libya is likely to increase with about 9,000 people still missing. At least 30,000 people in the city of Derna were displaced.

There have been an estimated 2,122 deaths in Morocco as a result of the earthquake and UNICEF estimated that roughly 100,000 children “have been impacted by the powerful earthquake.” About one-third of the population in Morocco is children.

Several organizations in the Chicagoland area and worldwide have dedicated their efforts to provide ample assistance amid the humanitarian crisis, here are just a few:

Donation sites:

Morocco Earthquake Relief (

Middle East | Donate Now | Islamic Relief USA (

Libya Floods Response | Zakat Foundation of America

Morocco Earthquake 2023 | Zakat Foundation of America

These organizations are accredited donation sites whose funds go directly to the causes.