‘I always felt something was going to fall off’: Helicopter wheel crashes through roof of Lynwood home

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LYNWOOD, Ill. — A Lynwood woman that lives near a municipal airport said she found what is believed to be a helicopter wheel lodged in the ceiling of her home’s bathroom.

Linda Dian of Lynwood said she found the wheel poking through the ceiling on Saturday evening and plaster was everywhere. Her family lives blocks from the Lansing Municipal Airport in Illinois.

“I always felt something was going to fall off,” Dian said. “Plane or a helicopter and scrape the top of the house or something.”

Not knowing who to call after the discovery, she ended up contacting the police.

“How do you even make that phone call?” Dian said. “What do you say without them thinking it’s a prank phone call, I was so nervous.”

Federal Aviation Administration officials said it appears to be a dolly wheel assembly from a helicopter. The agency was investigating when and from which aircraft the part fell.

An airport spokesman didn’t return a request for comment Sunday.

Dian said Lynwood Fire Department firefighters pushed the wheel out the roof and took it away.


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