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McKenzie Carey is a 12-year-old girl from Georgia.
At 18 month old, McKenzie was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease which affects the cells’ ability to generate proper energy and can result in bodily system failure.
Although this life-threatening condition has made her non-verbal and unable to walk, it has not swayed her away from her love of pageants and dancing with her dad.
During a recent summer pageant, McKenzie had the crowd erupting in applause as her father, Mike, lifted her from her wheelchair, spun her in the air and danced around stage to Miley Cyrus’, “The Climb.”
Her mother, Tammy, told CBS 6 News, “We are her voice and her legs. My husband started doing these dances with her to inspire people, and she has inspired people and touched people’s hearts from all over the world.”
The video has since gone viral.
Watch the heartwarming video now!