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CHICAGO (AP) —A new twist in Cook County Probate Court Wednesday as Ernie Banks caretaker reveals she and the Cubs legend had a joint bank account and a trust fund.

The financial assets were not part of the original list of items presented to the court by Banks’ longtime caregiver, Regina Rice.

After court today, Rice’s attorney told reporters the accounts are not part of the estate.  An attorney for Banks’ estranged wife, Elizabeth Banks disputes that notion.

The original list includes his Hall of Fame ring, Presidential Medal of Freed, a 2007 Lexus and autographed baseballs from Bill and Hillary Clinton, but no big bank accounts or insurance policies.  In March Rice estimated his known assets at $16,000.

Banks’ estranged wife is challenging a will signed by him that gives all his assets to Rice.

The judge had determined in March the will was valid, but Banks’  family claims he was coerced.

Ernie Banks died Jan. 23 of a heart attack.