Head of police union comments on fatal police shooting

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CHICAGO — Law enforcement officials are speaking out after after Chicago police shot and killed a local barber Saturday night in the South Shore neighborhood.

Harith Augustus left work and was confronted by officers who say they believed he had a gun.

Police body cam video shows a brief struggle with officers then a glimpse of a gun and ammunition on his waist band.

There is no audio, so it’s not clear what led to the initial confrontation.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson ordered the release of the video of the police confrontation with Augustus Sunday.

Police union president Kevin Graham has seen the video and reviewed reports from the scene.

“Officers approached the subject they asked him if he was carrying a gun.  He said ‘Yes,”  Graham said. “He said he did have a conceal carry permit. He did not. We have not been able to establish he ever had a conceal carry permit. It appears he may have had an FOID card which allows someone to buy a gun and have it in their home but not carry it.”

Graham said he believed the bottom line is had Augustus complied with police, he would have been arrested and bonded out of jail within a short time.
The deadly police shooting led to protests before and after the video was released. Graham said he believes that underscores the video proof.
“Whatever you do it will never be enough if you don’t like the police,” he said.  “They want to punish the police or rewrite the law.”


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