‘He could be hiding anywhere’: Family of stabbing victim at Richard’s Bar wants justice

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CHICAGO — It’s been four days since the arrest warrant was issued following the deadly stabbing outside Richard’s Bar and no one is in custody.

The family of 23-year-old barista Kenneth Paterimos is demanding justice.

“We’re not going to stand for this,” brother Cruzito Bueno said. “If you think we’re going to go quietly, that this is going to end in a week or so, no.”

Bueno is angry after the man who was arrested after his brother’s murder was allowed to walk free. Police investigated the man’s claim that he killed Paterimos in self defense. Despite the claim, he reportedly yelled homophobic slurs at Paterimos, was much bigger and armed with a knife.

“You got your murderer, you let him go and then you brought him back days later because everyone’s crying out,” Beuno said. “And now you want to say ‘oh we’re doing something, it’s not closed’… state’s attorney dropped the ball.”

Paterimos’ older brother Santiago Bueno was with him at the bar the night of the murder.

“When I went up to leave to get my brother, it was already too late,” Bueno said. “He was already stabbed up, in the matter of 20 seconds, maybe 30 at the most.”

Bueno, a martial artist, was able to tackle the man and hold him down until police arrived.

“The man was walking with the knife in his hand,” Bueno said. “Trying to get away, everyone’s in danger at that point.”

Instead of being appreciative, some of the regulars at Richard’s Bar have joked about the murder on social media.

Now that an arrest warrant has been issued for the suspect, Bueno said his faith is in God that it will all work out for the best. But both brothers fear the suspect is now on the run.

“He could be hiding,” Bueno said. “He could be anywhere.”

Family and friends plan to hold a protest Tuesday at 6 p.m. outside of the bar to demand justice.

Chicago police have issued the following statement regarding the status of the warrant. In it, they urge the suspect to turn himself in.

“The individual taken into custody on the 21st of February presented a self-defense claim, the Cook County State’s Attorney then made the case “Continuing Investigation,” and the subject was subsequently released without charging before the 48 hour limit passed.  
Since then, an arrest warrant has been sought by the Chicago Police Department and that request has been signed by a judge. That arrest warrant has yet to be executed. The subject is urged to turn himself into the Chicago Police Department.”


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