Harvey police looking to reform with more non-lethal weapons following death of George Floyd


HARVEY, Ill. — The Harvey Police Department is looking to expand its non-lethal force options following the death of George Floyd last summer.

Chief Robert Collins Jr. watched unrest developed following the death of George Floyd last May.

“Anger. It didn’t have to happen,” he said. “It didn’t it absolutely didn’t have to happen like that if one person had common sense George Floyd would be alive today.”

His department of more than 70 officers is now looking into making sure nothing like that happens under their watch.

“Our department. We are going through a reform,” Collins Jr. said. “We changed up our policies.”

He said his department is looking into pepper ball launchers and pepper ball guns.

Harvey residents said this discussion is long overdue in police departments in general. And the fact that it’s happening in their city gives them hope things will change for the better when it comes to the way police interact with the people they’re assigned to serve.

The chief said right now a taskforce is in place to examine the need in the department. There is no set date on when they will use these new nonlethal weapons.


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