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Two police officers are victims of armed robberies overnight.

An off-duty Harvey Police Officer is in critical condition after being attacked and robbed.

It happened around 3:00am this morning near 59th and Lake Shore Drive, at the nearby harbor.

The officer was reportedly hit in the head with a gun, before his gun and badge were stolen.

The officer has been taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

A Harvey spokesman released a statement regarding the robbery saying “Our thoughts and prayers are with our officer this morning. We remain hopeful for his speedy recovery. ”

In another armed robbery incident, an off-duty Chicago police officer was the victim.

It happened just before 3:00am Sunday morning in the 7400 block of South Langley.

The suspect approached the officer to ask the time, that’s when he displayed a handgun and began a struggle with the officer.

The gunman fired shots but missed the officer.

The officer fled the scene, though his wallet was taken in the struggle.

Police are investigating.

No one is in custody for either attack.