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CHICAGO —  The candidates for Illinois attorney general faced off Tuesday morning, in an hour-long Chicago Tribune editorial board meeting.

In November, Illinois voters will choose a new attorney general. With just over a month left in the campaign, the candidates are scrutinizing each other’s record.

The Republican, Erika Harold, is taking heat for her conservative social views, and Democrat Kwame Raoul has called her extreme.

“I think personal views are relevant,” he said.

But Harold insists Raoul is airing misleading campaign commercials and said, if elected, she’ll follow the law.

“One of the things that I find disingenuous about the attacks that my opponent has on the air is that I have stated positions and I have state commitments to the rule of law and there’s no reason to be fear-mongering among voters,” she said. “This job is not about usurping the role of the legislature, it’s about upholding your constitutional obligation to defend the rule of law.”

Harold was asked about a 2014 questionnaire from the Illinois Family Institute and public scorecard that showed she opposed federal legislation to protect workers from being fired for being gay.

2014 IFI Questionnaire – Erika Harold by WGN Web Desk on Scribd

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“Employers should absolutely not be able to terminate somebody’s employment based on sexual orientation” Harold said. “The questionnaire that IFI put out is actually different from what was reported.”

Harold’s provided WGN with the questionnaire where she states she’s opposed to the anti-discrimination law without considering the employer’s religious views.

Harold went after Raoul’s work in private practice. Specifically, a case where she said Raoul argued that neglected children should be returned to their mother’s “injurious environment.”

“His record shows he’s the only person who acts as an officer of the court has gone into court trying to put a kind back into an abusive home,” Harold said.

Raoul said a judge appointed him to the case in question.

“I’m the only person in this race who’s ever prosecuted multiple child protection cases. Multiple child protection cases. Ms. Harold talks about how she wants to prosecute corruption. She’s never prosecuted a case in her life,” Raoul said.

Also on hand was Libertarian Bubba Harsy.

“If I’m elected Attorney General my focus would be to prosecute government corruption and on top of prosecuting government corruption anybody that’s an accomplice that helps cover up the crimes of government officials and bad acting government employees I would prosecute them as well,” Harsy said.

So far these face-offs have been streamed on the internet with a small audience. The campaigns were trying to negotiate a televised meeting, but they’ve not been able to reach agreement.

The public scorecard can be seen below. The question about the anti-discrimination law (Question 5) is on Page 2, and Harold’s response is on Page 3.

IFI VG Primary 2014 16 Pages by WGN Web Desk on Scribd

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