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HAMMOND, Ind. — Threatening internet posts from people claiming to be crazy clowns are now being reported in the greater Chicago area.

Schools in Chicago Heights have extra security Tuesday because of a Facebook threat from a clown gang. As a result, all district 170 schools will have increased security.

Additionally, police in Hammond, Ind., posted to Facebook about the numerous tweets and emails they’ve received about clown sightings and threats.  They say some posts threaten specific schools in Hammond.

They also say they’re grateful for all the people who send screen shots of threatening Facebook posts.

“We assure you that the Hammond PD does not take these complaints lightly and we will continue to respond to all complaints of sighting,” the Facebook post said. “All patrol units have been made aware of this issue and we will continue to conduct regular patrols around all of our schools.”

According to the New York Times, clown hoaxes have led to 12 arrests across multiple states. Most recently, teenagers in suburban Philadelphia were arrested for posting threatening messages. A 13-year-old girl claims it was just a prank.

At Penn State University, students are going out in mobs to hunt for clowns.