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A group of demonstrators gathered Saturday to protest the use of red light cameras in the city of Chicago.
The group claims the cameras, touted as improving safety, isn’t about that at all. They say it is about money to help balance the city’s budget.
“This administration and the previous administration has not been honest with the citizens as to why they were putting the cameras in the city,” said Mark Wallace of the Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras. “Is to generate revenue.”

Even still, red light tickets issued have dropped by 20 percent since 2009 and the speed camera revenue hasn’t lived up to expectations.

“The speed cameras the mayor has said was the improve safety for children around schools and parks.  Well, he created a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist, a problem we do have in the city, especially in the South and West Sides in the city are children gunned with guns and bullets, not cars,” Wallace said.

It’s a fight Wallace says he’ll continue to step up to, one intersection at a time, until the cameras are gone.