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CHICAGO — A grassroots organization is releasing their recommendations today for better police accountability in Chicago.

The group is made up of people from all over the city including some personally touched by violence and police misconduct.

The Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability came together at City Hall today to outline an ordinance that gives a civilian oversight board a lot of power over the police department.

It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before and it comes with some controversy.

Under the proposal, a seven member civilian board would oversee Chicago’s police department.

They would have the authority to fire the police superintendent and set department policy, which would be a dramatic change for the city.

But that’s what GAPA says is needed in order to rebuild the broken relationship between the police department and community members.

They spent years researching and writing this proposal and have the support of several aldermen.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is against the idea.

He says while he believes the public should have some input on things, they should not have this kind of power over the police department especially when they have no law enforcement experience.