Grandmother receives $2,222 tip at La Grange cafe


LA GRANGE, Ill. — As sleet continued to fall Saturday morning, a 62-year-old server’s day was brightened by a generous customer who left a $2,222 tip.

Debbie Cazares has worked at Blueberry Hill Breakfast Cafe since Denise and Chris Manolis opened it up on the corner of Harris and La Grange 20 years ago.

During their time owning it, Denise said she’s seen a few 100 dollar tips, but nothing on this magnitude.

“I actually told my boss ‘I can’t accept that, why did they do that,” said Debbie Cazares. “They said ‘nope, we want you to have it, you deserve it.’”

Debbie, who is raising four of her grandchildren, was completely surprised by the random act of kindness. The $2,222 tip will help out Debby and her grandchildren.

“She was very surprised,” owner Denise Magnolis said. “She has a granddaughter in college and others live with her.”

The bill included a few omelets, a skillet and coffee, totaling $69.64. After the large tip, it brought the total to $2,291.64.

Magnolis said the generous person, who is remaining anonymous, was possibly inspired by the 2020 tipping challenge.

Just before 2020 began, actor Donnie Wahlberg and his wife Jenny McCarthy left a $2,020 tip at a St. Charles IHOP.


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