Surrogate mom gives birth to own grandson

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CHICO, Calif. – – A woman in California gave her daughter a gift to top all gifts.

Megan Barker volunteered to be her daughters surrogate and gave birth to her daughters son and her own grandson.

“This was the biggest gift anybody can receive is becoming a mom and to have my mom give that gift, it’s unexplainable,” said Barker’s daughter, Maddie Coleman.

Coleman couldn’t deliver a baby because her ovaries were at risk for tumors.  She explored surrogacy but at $75,000 and up, she couldn’t afford it.  That’s when Barker stepped in and told her daughter she’d carry the embryo.

9-months later, little Gus Wyatt Coleman was born.

Barker says she definitely developed an emotional attachment, but had no problem turning over the seven-pound bundle of joy over to her daughter and her husband, Tyler.

“The attachment for me was not an issue as people have predicted because in my mind it was biologically their baby.  I was just a deluxe easy bake oven!” said Barker with a happy laugh.

The 48-year-old grandmother says she’s willing to do it again if her daughter asks.





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