Grandmother charged after 4-year-old found with .159 BAC

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PLATTE COUNTY, MO — A woman was charged with child endangerment after her 4-year-old granddaughter was rushed to the hospital for drinking wine.

According to KCTV, the child’s blood alcohol content was .159 — that’s nearly twice the legal limit for an adult to drive.

Authorities say Aretha A. McAddo left a bag filled with wine from a box of wine sitting on a kitchen table right next to a glass of wine she poured for herself. Her 4-year-old grandchild drank the wine.

When first responders arrived at McAddo’s home, they found the girl was unresponsive at first, and then vomited. Court documents also indicate the grandmother was drinking, and struggled to balance and slurred her words.

Medical toxicologists at Children’s Mercy Hospital tell KCTV that less than a full cup of wine can be very problematic to a small child.

“With increasing severity children get more sleepy and can actually develop a coma and become unconscious and not breathe,” Children’s Mercy Medical Toxicologist Adam Algren said.

McAdoo could face up to one year in jail if she is convicted of the child endangerment charge. She pleaded guilty to a driving while under the influence last year.


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