Government agency wants to hear from people blocked by Chicago's freight train traffic

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CHICAGO — Chicago is known as the congested choke-point for train traffic.

Now, the federal government wants to hear from you if you’ve been stuck waiting for trains to pass by.

Waiting for too long at a railroad crossing can be a safety hazard, especially for emergency responders.

Chicago is the nation’s most congested area for train traffic in the entire country. As it turns out, freight train length has increased in recent years.

If you’ve found yourself waiting too long for trains to go by, you can now do something about it. The Federal Rail Administration have set up a web page for people and emergency responders to report when a train is blocking a crossing.

They want to know where, when and for how long you’re blocked. The agency hopes the information will help pinpoint problem areas.

The goal is to come up with a solution to help drivers and emergency responders get by.

Click here for more information on how to report your complaint.


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