Gov. Rauner speaks on state spending

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CHICAGO-- Governor Rauner says the biggest turnaround means taking Illinois from an "out of control" spending state that has seen a "complete mismanagement of funds" to making Illinois the most competitive state in the country.

Bruce Rauner campaigned on running the state more like a business, and now he's outlining where the major problems are.

Rauner spoke to a group of graduate students at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

He laid out a power point presentation that is only the beginning of the problem areas he sees in the state.

Rauner sees a major problem in the salaries state employees make.

In 2012, the average salary was about $64,000, third highest in the country behind two states that are also in financial straits.

WGN Political Analyst Paul Lisnek predicts deep cuts are on the horizon.

And while fixing Springfield will be a long hard road, Governor Rauner blames those we've elected as one of the biggest problems.

While the governor thinks employees make too much money, he also wants to reward them for jobs well done.

That’s a big plus for Antwan Williams, a booth student and state employee who sees nowhere to go in the state with his new MBA.




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