Gov. Rauner reflects on first year in WGN 1-on-1

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — One year to the day that he was sworn into office, Gov. Bruce Rauner sat down with WGN for a wide-ranging interview on the state of the state, and the failure of lawmakers, so far, to come up with a state budget.

You may know the term, politics ain’t beanbags? Well, the venture capitalist who’s now running Illinois has found out politics ain’t the business world, either.

But Gov. Rauner says despite a controversial “turnaround agenda” that’s stopped budget talks cold. Behind the scenes, Many Democrats are urging him to stick to his guns.

Rauner says it’s powerful House Speaker Mike Madigan’s refusal to compromise that’s holding up his package of pro-business, anti-union reforms.

Tonight a Madigan spokesman says the speaker considers the lack of a budget the biggest issue in the state, and that he’s doing all he can to make a deal.



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