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CHICAGO — Fallen fathers on this Father’s Day, at this wall, celebration meets contemplation.   As the Chicago Police Department pauses to remember the dads who died in the line of duty.

More than one hundred people attended the annual memorial mass at Gold Star Memorial Park on the lakefront. The annual event is hosted by the Chicago Police Chaplain’s Ministry. “These are families that come here year after year, a lot of retire officers and active duty officers.”

“There are families without fathers, families that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our city and our nation.”

Dennis Fitzgerald is a retired Chicago cop.  He attended the service with his wife and son, and says he goes to honor the memories of those who lost their lives serving their city.

“To remember those who have gone before us on father’s day and those fathers who are out working on the street.” Fitzgerald’s son William says the mass has special meaning on father’s day. “I’m very proud of my father, and how he raised me, to anyone without their father it’s just a good thing they know people are here to help with their struggles as well.”

And former Chicago police superintendent Phil Cline says it’s important to remember that each fallen officer leaves loved ones behind.  “It’s super important. For the families of father’s whose names are on that wall, it’s showing us we haven’t forgotten them.”

572 names are on this wall. It was a Father’s Day to remember that some men protect not only their families, but also their communities.

At the Gold Star Memorial Park in Chicago Mike Lowe, WGN News.