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FOX LAKE, Ill. — The investigation into disgraced Fox Lake Lt. Joe Gliniewicz has turned to the youth program he ran, where a stockpile of military equipment that was meant for police was found.

Investigators discovered hundreds of boxes of military surplus equipment in the basement of the community center where the Fox Lake Police Explorer program would meet. The boxes contained Kevlar helmets, gas masks, ballistic vests, police radios and combat boots, among other items.

Investigators say they were illegally obtained by Gliniewicz, who forged the signature of the former chief of police to get them. The equipment was meant for police departments, not the program for young people interested in policing.

Authorities also say participants in the program were given keys to the building, and allowed to be there unsupervised.

The first lawsuit in the Gliniewicz case is expected to be filed in federal court Friday afternoon. The Village of Fox Lake, Gliniewicz estate and Former Police Chief Michael Behan are expected to be named.