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GLENVIEW, Ill. – Glenview residents who pushed to save beavers in a nearby retention pond from an inhumane killing say they will no longer be trapped and killed.

The news comes days after the homeowner’s association (HOA) of the Concord at the Glen threatened the use of “underwater traps” to remove beavers that continued to damage trees.

Opposed to the HOA’s plan, dozens rallied in the neighborhood Sunday to save the beavers. Organizer Rachel Siegel said Sunday that more humane options were available.

“They’re really not causing a big problem,” she said. “It’s a huge overreaction.”

Glenview residents push for humane removal of beavers HOA plans to trap, kill

Neighbors also started a petition and threatened legal action if the HOA went through with their plan.

On Tuesday, an update from the group says HOA is no longer seeking the use of underwater traps.

“We have confirmation through PETA and the Village of Glenview that HOA states they will not be trapping and drowning the beavers,” read a post in the Glenview Residents Against Drowning Beavers in Underwater Traps Facebook group. “That option is off the table. That is a WIN we can feel good about. Bravo to you all!”

In another update, the group’s administrator says the HOA will work with residents to find a favorable solution.

“The HOA is taking a PAUSE,” the post read. “We have begun dialogue and will continue to do so to reach a resolution that is favorable to the beavers, HOA, its homeowners, the village and us.”