1 in custody in shooting of 6-year-old girl

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A person was in police custody this Saturday evening in connection with the shooting of a 6-year-old girl and her aunt, wounded during a Fernwood neighborhood memorial for a man shot to death in 2008, a source said.
Meanwhile, Quianna Tompkins is clinging to life after a bullet that was not intended for her, struck her in the chest.
“I know you didn’t mean to do it on purpose, but please don’t go through life with this guilt on your heart,” Juannakee Kennedy, Quianna’s mother, said in an emotional plea to the shooter. “We forgive you, we just want some justice for our baby.”
The shooting occurred at 8 PM during a barbecue in the 300 block of 105th Street. In an area neighbors have nicknamed the area “Trouble City,” Chicago Police said the BBQ was part of an annual memorial for a gang member who was shot on the same street five years ago.
Witnesses said a man walked across the street and opened fire on the group of about 40 people when Quianna was hit by a bullet.
Her parents, accompanied by South Side pastor Corey Brooks are begging those who have guns to think of the consequences before opening fire.
“Something has to be done about it before someone else’s child gets shot for no reason,” Quianna’s father, Keeneth Tompkins said.
Quianna turned six-years-old just two weeks ago. She is preparing to start the first grade.
“She was just outside playing with her friends, the kids can’t go play outside,” Juannakee said.


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