WGN reporter shares candid conversation with black friend amid George Floyd unrest

George Floyd

MINNEAPOLIS — The United States is experiencing the most widespread racial turmoil since the violent backlash to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

It’s a time of reckoning, particularly for white people, who may not treat black people differently, but every single day benefit from a system that does.

WGN reporter Mike Lowe is in Minneapolis to report on the memorial for George Floyd. While there, he had an uncomfortable conversation with his friend Chad Heslup, a man he’s known since grade school. A Chicagoan by birth, he’s now working as a teacher, coach and hip-hop artist in Minneapolis. During their conversation, you’ll hear both Helsup’s passion and his pain. Watch it in its entirety in the player above.

Heslup recorded a new song, and he said any proceeds will go to fighting for justice in Chicago and in Minneapolis.


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