Cleanup underway after looting in Chicago’s Wicker Park

George Floyd

CHICAGO — The cleanup got underway Monday afternoon after businesses across the city and suburbs continued to be targeted overnight, as looters took advantage of protests over the death of George Floyd.

With downtown Chicago shutdown, looters targeted the South and West sides of the city Sunday along with the south and west suburbs. Overnight, their attention was turned to the North Side.

In Wicker Park, windows were busted out of businesses up and down Milwaukee Avenue and Division Street.

Among the stores that were hit was the Footlocker on Milwaukee Avenue near Ashland Avenue. Despite the store being boarded up, looters managed to remove panels, bust through the glass windows and then the metal gate to make their way into the store.

Looters pulled up to the front door in unmarked cars, some with plates from other states, and loaded their trunks with boxes of merchandise. The rear of the building was trashed as shoe boxes littered the ground.

The Target store on Division near Ashland was also hit, as well as Garfield’s Beverage Express on the 1700 block of North Milwaukee Avenue.

A number of clothing stores up and down Milwaukee were also impacted, along with a marijuana dispensary in Jefferson Park — where police made an arrest at the scene.

Shots were also fired overnight, but its unclear if anyone was injured.

Neighbors gathered together to clean up after the night of unrest. Residents in Wicker Park went out to help local business owners clean up.

“I understand the rage that people are going through, that people are suffering, and the second part is that it’s upsetting to see our neighborhood getting destroyed,” Jonathan Zuluaga, Wicker Park resident, said.


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