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CHICAGO – Doctors joined medical students with “White Coats for Black Lives” to protest Friday for racial equality.

Started in 2014, the organization is run by medical students with the mission to eliminate racial bias in medicine.

On Friday, for eight minutes and 46 seconds, the same amount of time the Minneapolis officer’s knee was on George Floyd’s neck, doctors with Lurie Children’s Hospital joined Northwestern Medicine residents and patients to protest racial equality.

“We can no longer tolorate the pains, the killings related to systemic racism,” one doctor said.

The eight minute, 46 second silence is a call-to-action to do better, they said.

“I hope you continue to elevate your voices to help city and country move forward for this,” a doctor said.

Around 600 came to the protest on Chicago Avenue Friday. They will likely join other protests and marches through the city, they said.