Chicago protesting continues for third weekend in a row after death of George Floyd

George Floyd

CHICAGO – Protests in Chicago continued for the third weekend in a row Saturday following the death of George Floyd.

Protesters Started near Monroe and Michigan and marched through the Loop on Michigan Avenue after stopping near Trump Tower.

“We need some sort of policing system, but it needs to be more community-based,” one protester said.

The crowd repeated calls for justice and an end to racism.

It’s time for justice to be served, we are tired of police brutality,” a protester said. “It’s time to make a change, it’s time to make a difference.”

Two more larger protests happened at 26th and California and in Portage Park. At 26th and California, two were taken into custody by CPD.

At the University of Chicago, around 12 students held a sit-in at the university’s police station. They want University of Chicago to abolish campus police.


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