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CHICAGO — A Lincoln Square man says he woke up Sunday to find a sign in his front yard had been vandalized, and “anti-white” and other messages spray painted on the sidewalk in front of his home.

However, Jeff Zacharias said  he’s not anti-anything. In fact, quite the opposite.

“We are an openly gay couple, and I think it’s important to be out and proud about a variety of things, and I think in our political climate it’s even more important to show people that we won’t be quiet,” Zacharias said

The family fought back, posting their own signs saying “hate has no home here” before cleaning up the graffiti.

“I think it was very healing to get rid of it, but I think it was, it’s still on our mind,” Zacharias said. “It’s very scary; we feel real uneasy tonight.”

Neighbors say their block in Lincoln Square is typically a very quiet neighborhood. And Zacharias said the support they’ve received from their neighbors has given their family a much-needed boost.

“This I think gives us the push to fight even harder, and resist as they say, and I think we’ll have bigger forces because of it,” Zacharias said.

Police are investigating, and say they have no suspects at this time.