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CHICAGO — A federal judge sentenced to prison for more than nine years a Chicago man who won a $25 million award in 2012 for a wrongful murder conviction only to spend it on rebuilding his street gang.

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber sentenced Thaddeus Jimenez after prosecutors showed a video of Jimenez calmly shooting a former gang member in both legs.

Jimenez and his co-defendant, Jose Roman — the man who shot the video from the passenger seat of Jimenez’s Mercedes — had previously pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges. Roman was sentenced to just over 7 months in prison.

The Chicago Tribune reports Jimenez spent millions on luxury cars for himself and his gang. He even paid members to tattoo the gang’s insignia on their faces.

The full video of the shooting is below.  (Warning: Contains graphic content)