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CHICAGO — A young community activist is gunned down at a friend’s house the week before he was supposed to rally for peace.

This past weekend, 21-year-old Matthew Williams died a violent death, the kind he held peace marches and rallies about.

The kind of black on black murder we hear about far too often in this city.

Chicago police say Williams was in the wrong place at the wrong time, playing video games at a friend’s apartment at 71st and Calumet, when a guy with a gun came back to settle a score with someone else and Williams was the innocent victim.

Williams had only been back in Chicago for a year and wanted to make a difference, make a life for himself.

He was doing that, organizing peace marches and rallies with his friend Ja’mal Green.

Today Williams’ family had his wake and funeral.

His passionate and bubbly personality will be missed.

He came back in the last year, just to have his life taken away.

But they believe Matthew will be there in spirit tomorrow, Saturday, Solidarity Day.

Leaders and activists from all over the city are coming together to march starting at 63 and King Drive and into Englewood and other neighborhoods high in crime.

“This is about coming together for these causes because we are at war with each other and with the police,” says Green.

Right now police have no suspects in custody in Matthew Williams’ murder.


Solidarity Day Rally:

Date: Saturday, Feb. 13

Location: 63rd and King Drive 

Time: Starts at 12:16*

*The 16 seconds signify the 16 times Laquan Mcdonald was shot by a Chicago police officer.