CHICAGO — Chicago’s Happiness Club is back after the pandemic slowed performances over the past couple of years. They’re kicking things off in style with their annual benefit on June 26.

What is the Happiness Club? They are a free performing arts education program for Chicago’s youth. Kids from Chicago ranging from 8-18 become proficient in voice, dance and rap. They develop these skills in conjunction while thriving in strong communication skills and self-confidence.

“We are Chicago’s best-kept secret, we’re a youth and art organization program. These kids rehearse year-round, every Sunday. They are singing, dancing, writing their own music, creating their own choreography and we are talking about topics that matter to them,” artistic director Tanji Harper said.

The Happiness Club encourages participating kids to base their original musical show on issues they feel strongly about, like tolerance, education, high self-esteem, and even the pandemic. The club always encourages positive values and social change.

“We want the world to know that Chicago has great kids,” Harper said.

The Happiness Club keeps kids off the streets by providing a safe environment to explore social issues through the arts. Creating a sense of belonging to an artistic community acts as a dynamic alternative to gang involvement, and a busy performance schedule ensures the reach of thousands of kids and families each year.

The Happiness Club

This is open to all children of Chicago, to find out more information on how to join, and the 2022 annual benefit, click here.

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