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Chicago is know for its pizza and hot dogs, but fried chicken tops the list of many foodie favorites.  The new kid on Chicago’s block?  Leghorn Chicken.

The restaurant focuses on the chicken sandwich and an all handmade menu.

“Basically there`s a couple of options within those, first one being Nashville hot or pickle brined.  You choose your style – then it`s breast or thigh and it’s bun or biscuit, we make the biscuits in house, we butcher chickens everyday and when we run out we run out,” Chef Jared Van Camp said.

The day Leghorn Chicken opened up, they sold out in just 90 minutes.  600 sandwiches in just an hour and a half.

But it’s not just about great chicken.

“We donate 2% of our profits to organizations that support gay rights, ” Chef Van Camp said.  “We kind of tongue-in-cheek poke fun at other places in that we`re open all day Sunday, we give out Leghorn branded condoms at the counter.”

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