Frank ‘Alligator’ Robb to release new book


CHICAGO — The man who caught the Humboldt Park alligator of last summer has finished his second book on the animal.

Frank “Alligator” Robb will be releasing “Our American Alligator,” a follow-up to his first book “The Adventures of Chicago Chance and Frank Robb,” a coloring/story book.

Robb’s recent work fits most federal science standards from 5th to 9th grade, and covers general information, anatomy, physiology, as well as myths and safety. The book also includes end of chapter questions and a glossary as study tools.

The book will be sold on Environmental Education Awareness Research Support and Services website, for which one dollar of every book sale will go to.

The book will be retailing at $19.99, but will be on sale for the first week at $16.99.

For more information on the book’s release, go to


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