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FOX LAKE, Ill. — Three Fox Lake police officers have accepted responsibility and discipline for an incident involving a man who was arrested for public intoxication, according to the Fox Lake Village administrator.

The village released videotape of what transpired in the cell back in December 2014.

The video shows a violent confrontation between a police officer and the man who was arrested.

During the incident, the man continued to threaten officers and disobey orders, prompting one officer to enter the cell, shove the man into a concrete seating area and place his hand around the man’s neck, according to Village Administrator Anne Marrin.

Investigators say four officers violated department rules, including regulations on the proper use of force.

One officer has refused to cooperate in the investigation, and former police chief Michael Behan failed to adequately investigate the incident, according to officials.

Behan was placed on administrative leave and he subsequently retired.

The three officers who accepted disciplinary action faced days-long suspensions.

The man who was arrested reached a $4,000 settlement with the village.