Fox Lake police report details scene of officer’s death

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FOX LAKE, Ill. — WGN Investigates has obtained a Fox Lake police report that explains, in graphic detail, what responding officers saw when they got to the scene of Joe Gliniewicz’s death.

The first officers who responded to Gliniewicz’s call for assistance entered the Old Road from opposite sides. As they came closer to meeting in the middle, the police report says they heard a single gunshot.

Down a footpath off the Old Cement Company Road, toward a swamp, they found Lt. Gliniewicz face down and dead.

One responding officer, rolled him over and saw blood coming from his nose and neck.

They reported seeing his cell phone still in his police vest but damaged from a gunshot. That was the first shot Gliniewicz attempted that knocked him down but didn’t kill him.

Gliniiewicz’s  holster was empty but they didn’t yet see his gun, which was later found two feet away.

The officers say Gliniewicz’s hand was empty but in a position where he’d possibly been holding a gun.

Because the responding officers did not find Gliniewicz’s gun in the tall grass where his body was found, they became more worried that a shooter was loose and near them.

They took cover and looked for any sign of movement and kicked off a massive manhunt that lasted for hours.



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