Four suspects in 2013 Joliet murders In court

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A pretrial hearing for four suspects in the strangulation murders of two students in Joliet took place this morning.

Veteran officers called the murders particularly heinous.

Eric Glover and Terrence Rankins were strangled January 10-th in 2013.

Four people are charged with the murders.  They are Adam Landerman, Alisa Massaro, Joshua Miner and Bethany Mc-Kee.

The motive, police say, was robbery.  They say the four friends lured the 22 year olds to a home, killed them and then partied and played videogames after the chilling acts.  Police say the suspects planned to dismember the victims.

There’s a gag order imposed.

Today’s hearing ended and another pretrial hearing was set for March 19th.


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