Former NBC investigative reporter Rich McHugh shares the story behind the Harvey Weinstein story

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CHICAGO — In the fall of 2017, the headlines about Hollywood mogul and famed movie producer Harvey Weinstein were inescapable. First the New York Times, then the New Yorker’s explosive article. It included victims’ interviews — women detailing the dark and potentially criminal life of one of Hollywood’s most powerful men.

The headlines ultimately launched  the #MeToo movement. Women worldwide came forward with their own harrowing stories of alleged sexual misconduct from casting couches to C-suites at major corporations.

Rich McHugh was a seasoned television investigative producer when he and his reporting partner at NBC News in New York embarked on a journey that unlocked one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood.

As McHugh and reporter Ronan Farrow turned up the heat on Weinstein, they quickly learned Weinstein turned up the heat on them, too.

Two years later, at age 44, McHugh sat down with WGN’s Julie Unruh to share his story — one jeopardizing the television network career that took him around the world as a producer. He had stints at Fox News, ABC and finally at NBC when he, in the end, became part of the story — the story he was pursuing on behalf of women who say they were sexually abused by Weinstein.

Julie Unruh has more.

Click here to read McHugh’s article in Vanity Fair. Farrow’s book, “Catch and Kill” can be found on Amazon.


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