Former Markham Dep. Chief charged with sexual abuse

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A 41-year-old former deputy police chief with a controversial history in law enforcement stood before a federal judge and pleaded not guilty to aggravated sexual abuse today.

Prosecutors allege Tony DeBois committed the crime against someone he was arresting in September 2010. He could get life in prison if found guilty.

His controversial past stems from some dozen or more lawsuits settled in court prior to today’s arrest.

Over the years, DeBois has been accused of roughing up a postal carrier, punching someone else unprovoked, even strip searching a person in front of women and children.

All the crimes that previously settled in court, according to the Chicago Tribune, took place while DeBois was performing official duties.
DeBois told the media, “I’ve been a police officer a long time. Why would I wait until now to become a criminal?”
His attorney believes two other disgraced Markham officers accused of stealing $15,000 during an arrest are turning on DeBois to save their own skin. DeBois, his attorney claims, was investigating the men and was recommending they be let go from the department.

Both DeBois and his attorney are suspicious about the timing of his arrest more than two years following the alleged crime he is being charged with today.


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