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CHICAGO — The former dean of a Chicago Public School is being accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old student and posing as her stepfather in order to get her two abortions.

Brian Crowder, 40, is facing sexual assault accusations from 2013, when he worked at Lawndale High School.

A sophomore student at the time said Crowder began messaging her on Snapchat. According to court documents, during one of the conversations, Crowder asked the teen to hang out with him and sent her videos of himself stating “I want you.”

She said he later took her to his home where they began having sex regularly. On one occasion, he served her alcoholic beverages.

In 2014, when the student was a junior, she became pregnant. When she told Crowder, he wanted her to get an abortion, court documents said. In October of that year, he took her to get the procedure, pretended to be her stepfather and signed the consent form for the abortion. He paid for the procedure. She got another abortion a year later and he once again posed as her stepfather.

When the teen told a teacher, the teacher advised her to report the abuse, but she refused saying she didn’t want her name being in the media and didn’t want people finding out about what happened.

The teen ended contact with Crowder in 2015, but he contacted her again in 2019.

The former student filed a complaint with police last year. Shortly after, Crowder sent her a text saying, “goodbye forever.”

Crowder was arrested Wednesday and held on a $75,000 bond.