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CHICAGO — As fighting continues in parts of Ukraine, a Chicagoan continues his mission to help near the front lines.

Harrison Jozefowicz is a former Chicago officer and a veteran of the Army volunteering in Ukraine and has been helping American volunteers find places in Ukraine in need of aid.

“Everyday is a struggle and now all they’re trying to do is say ‘Where is my next meal going to come from?’” Jozefowicz said.

He says the eastern part of Ukraine only reached its early stages of liberation in early September but with the help of the new proactive group, Jozefowicz is able to volunteer in a more hands-on way.

The group 057, the area code for the Kharkiv-Oblast region, are attempting to do more to make survivors’ lives livable amidst the chaos.

Jozefowicz said they rebuild schools and clean up bombed out apartments.

With winter approaching, he says it’s critical to help the civilians combat the cold.

“The moment that the temperature drops, the windows that are blown out, the roofs that are shelled and obliterated, it’s going to be difficult for those people and families to prepare for winter,” Jozefowicz said.  

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He says it’s vital to get these homes ready for when winter approaches, a winter he hopes will come with peace for the people in Ukraine.