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CHICAGO — Ten years ago Johnny Johnson, Brandon Green, and Charles Brown were Robeson High School standouts who went on to play Division 1 college football.

A decade later they’ve turned those college degrees into careers, and they’re returning to the field where it all started to give back.

Their first-ever Legacy Camp brought nearly 200 student athletes out from a dozen different schools to learn the routes on the field and through life.

“We have a lot of athletes, a lot of students who go on to do good at colleges, and we just don’t hear a lot about it,” said Charles Brown, who played for Northwestern.

“So with this camp, we just want to be an inspiration to the kids and say, ‘hey, we’ve been in your shoes once upon a time,’” he said.

Because when you hear that from someone you look up to, and learn the key to teamwork, being your best self on the field and off can lead to great things.

“We want to let them know that they can go to college from Englewood, you can go to college from West Garfield Park, Chatham, Roseland, you can make it,” said Johnny Johnson, who played for the University of Minnesota.

Legacy Camp is raising funds online so they can continue to serve the community.

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