Focus on Family: Indoor winter activities

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Beth Engelman


Painted Pottery on the Cheap:
Turn your house into a pottery painting palace. You can take porcelain mugs or bowls and turn them into works of art with sharpie markers ~ then when art is complete ~ turn on the oven to 350 degrees and “bake” for 30 minutes to set the ink.  We recommend painting the outside of mugs and bowls in order to ensure the dishes remain “food safe” TIP: You can buy inexpensive porcelain mugs and bowls at big box stores and dollar store. Remove price tags before placing items in the oven.

Edible Tinker Toys:
Inspire creativity by having your kids create edible tinker toys. Use toothpicks and marshmallows to build ice castles, igloos and more. TIP: You can buy edible markers so kids can decorate the marshmallows and also use toothpicks with ROUNDED points.

Tactile Treasure Box:
A great activity for the little ones is to crate a tactile box with dried rice or lentils. Hide secret treasures inside the box such as pennies, dice, beads, crayons and more. TIP: Adult supervision is required. For older kids, place lentils and treasures in a clear plastic bottle and have the kids play I-Spy!

Edible Mastermind:
Hone logical reasoning skills with this delicious game based on Mastermind. Use colored M and M’s to create a pattern which you hide behind a cardboard shield. Players try to discover the pattern using clues such as white chocolate chips (right color / wrong place) and black chocolate chips (right color /right place). TIP: Use the bottom of a mini cereal box for the shield and a piece of paper of cardboard for the board.

Mega Crayons:
A great way to keep the kids busy and learn a little about science and, best of all, when you are finished the kids have a brand new toy! Have your kids peel crayons then place the crayons in a muffin tin or silicon mold and bake for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees until melted.  TIP: Use broken crayons that you kids no longer use. Do not place molds or muffin tin in the dishwasher — be sure to wash by hand. Aluminum muffin tins also work well.

Penguin Topped Cupcakes and Cookies:
Top your favorite cupcake or cookie recipe with white frosting and cute little penguins made with chocolate covered almonds, white frosting (for the belly), edible eyes and orange nerds from the beak. Tip: You can swap out the almonds for black jellybeans the edible eyes for mini chocolate chips.


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