Fisherman snaps mysterious image in double rainbow

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A recent fishing trip has solidified two friends’ beliefs in spirits, WITI reports.

Mike Jacobs and his friend Bill Wobbekind often fish in Western Wisconsin, but on their last trip a strong storm moved through the area.

After the storm began to clear, a double rainbow appeared. Jacobs grabbed his camera, and started snapping pictures.

Nothing seemed unusual until Jacobs returned home to Chicago, and uploaded the pictures onto his computer.

“I thought I had some kind of smudge or something on the screen. There were these white things on there,” he said.

A closer look revealed something stranger.

“All of a sudden you could see there were two eyes in each one of the images,” Jacobs said.

“There were these shapes in them, with these eyes. It was pretty remarkable and actually almost a little creepy,” Wobbekind said.

WITI did some more research, and it turns out, the fishing hole lays on what is considered a spiritual place to many.

Chief Golden Light Eagle is a Native American, and was not surprised with the pictures. He says the land was once home to many tribes and that he, too, has experience with spirits on the land.

For two fishermen, the pictures are all the evidence they need.

“I definitely believe in some other beings,” says Wobbekind.

“Obviously there is something bigger than things we can perceive here,” adds Jacobs.


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