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Spearheading the effort to prepare this country for the Belvidere’s and Oak Lawn’s of the future–but also for the range of weather extremes unchallenged anywhere on the planet is National Weather Service Director Dr. Louis Uccellini who joins us at this year’s April 8th program from Weather Service Headquarters outside Washington,DC.

The arsenal of tools and the dedicated legions of meteorologists Dr. Uccellini leads across U.S. have been–and ARE–engaged in an effort to transform the country into a “Weather Ready Nation”–one in which preventing loss of life and limb at the hands of severe weather is Job #1. It’s an effort which is about to incorporate the most advanced weather satellite ever build–GOES 16—supercomputers whose lightning speed has armed forecasters with models of the atmosphere’s future moves which now spotlight nature’s most violent moves as much as a week or more before they occur.