#FeedonThis: Half Full, Half Empty returns to Sports Feed


Jarrett and Josh during the “Half Full, Half Empty” on July 12th.

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CHICAGO  – The last time we had this segment on the show, it made for one of the more light-hearted moments in the show.

Jarrett Payton got a bit confused during the Half Full, Half Empty the last time it was on the show and Josh Frydman didn’t let him forget it.

On Wednesday, Jarrett got his redemption on the show as he once again got the chance to say if he was optimistic or pessimistic on a few subjects in Chicago sports.

That segment is part of #FeedonThis from Sports Feed and you can watch that in the video above.

Fans got the chance to learn more about Jimmy Butler’s shoe collection thanks to the real estate posting for his former home here in Chicago.

That was the highlight of Social Fodder on Wednesday’s show which you can watch in the video above.

While everyone is freaking out over the Cubs’ struggles in 2017, the White Sox are not a surprise to many.

After all, they are in a full rebuild so losing is actually beneficial for a little while.

That doesn’t mean the team won’t have some drama as some regulars are expected to leave through trades and some prospects will come up in September.

Jarrett and Josh discuss that in the video above .



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