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CHICAGO — A 47-page federal lawsuit has been filed against the company behind several suburban red light cameras and the public officials that are involved.

The plaintiff doesn’t think it’s acceptable that the company, SafeSpeed, and several other elected officials have been paid huge sums of money due to the cameras.

The red light cameras in Oakbrook Terrace have generated million of dollars in fines from drivers.

The attorney for Lawrence Gress, who received a $100 fine while turning right at the intersection of IL-83 and 22nd Street said his client should have never received the ticket.

“He’s the victim of a red light ticket he never should have received,” attorney Kent Maynard said. “We don’t think there’s a justification based on safety that has been proven empirically. What this really is is a tax, and if it’s a tax, call it what it is. And let’s not pay 30 or 40% of it to some third party.”

Embattled former state senator Martin Sandoval, who pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from the company, is included in the lawsuit.

“If you go around corrupting public officials,” Maynard said. “Paying them off, you shouldn’t be allowed to keep the proceeds of wrongdoing.”

That’s why the federal lawsuit was filed. The hope is that other drivers, like Gress, who were fined at the same intersection, will also be able to join in on the suit.

“At some point, our goal is that we’ll get a class certified and we’ll go forward.”